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A Sweet Story from “Happy by Chocolate”

For more than 20 years, Pam Vieau has partnered with her daughter, Marcy Goetz, her mother, Charlotte Waters, (93 years young!), and many other family members to create delectable, handmade, artisan chocolate in Roselle, Illinois.

The family bond is a special one. “My mom is the heart of our business,” said Marcy. “She is the chocolate maker; we use her recipes. If it were not for her, I would not have this wonderful job and business. And my Grandma is incredible, too!”

During the pandemic shutdown, Pam and Marcy brainstormed one simple but powerful idea: to make people happy one piece of chocolate at a time.

“Through an act of kindness, we met two incredible people: John Gilmore, a former Chicago Bear player, and his business partner, Ernesto Figueroa of Brandthumb,” Marcy wrote in her Elevate submission. “The meeting led to a chain of events where the four of us realized our shared passion, which is to make people feel good.”

“This has been such a rewarding experience, and we are grateful for the two new friends we’ve met because of it. It is amazing what a little chocolate and a smile can do.”

With the dark cloud of a global pandemic overhead, the market for providing a little bit of happiness for people expanded. For the past seven months, the new team combined their talents, hard work, belief in each other and lots of laughter. The result? The creation of Happy by Chocolate.

“Happy by Chocolate is more than delicious chocolate,” Marcy wrote. “Launching this new line of products gave us inspiration when times got tough due to COVID-19. Instead of feeling down and out, our family chose to press forward and rise to the challenge of creating something that would make people feel good.”

For more information about Happy By Chocolate, visit their Facebook or Instagram pages.

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