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Father-Daughter Team Takes Coffee to Next Level

Imagine all the Dippin’ Dots® taste tests Tracey Jones enjoyed growing up while her father, Curt Jones, launched the iconic frozen treat thirty years ago. Now the 37-year-old is in business with her dad revolutionizing the coffee business with 40BelowJoe.

“Watching my family start a nationwide brand was so exciting as a child,” Tracey said. “There was never a dull moment. Now, working on 40BelowJoe with my father has deepened our relationship on many levels. He encourages me to listen to my intuition. I like to think I encourage him to do the same in reminding him that his gut was probably right all along!”

The duo based 40BelowJoe in Carbondale, Illinois, because of the network of people experienced in producing, distributing and selling their unique frozen beaded products. The company's manufacturing facility is based in the Research Park at Southern Illinois University and employs 15 people.

“Our roots are in southern Illinois so we know we can count on our family and friends to nurture, support and believe in us at the end of the day,” Tracey said. “We also love creating new opportunities for people in that area as it resonates with us on a personal level since that’s where most of us grew up.”

Working with her father has proven rewarding on many levels. She counts on him for time-honored advice, and he relies on her to bring creativity and new ideas to their business, especially when it comes to reaching new audiences with their product.

“My favorite thing about 40BelowJoe is working with my family and the amazing team we have attracted!” Tracey added. “It's so exciting to find people who are just as passionate about your brand as you are. I also love pushing our whole staff creatively; it makes for a fun atmosphere.”


Tips from Dad

· Never give up. Always consider new opportunities.

· If you believe in yourself, work hard and keep pushing, you can become successful in your career and become a better, more authentic version of yourself.

· Stay calm; listen to your team and take everyone’s opinion into consideration before jumping to conclusions.

· Never be afraid to take risks.

· Mistakes are just lessons to be learned.


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