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Illinois – Developing Tropical Dairy Cattle to Feed the World

Kay Shipman knows Illinois innovation and its importance.

The legislative affairs writer and editor highlights the work of animal sciences professor Matthew Wheeler and the University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) in a recent issue of FarmWeek Now. (Read entire article here.)

Wheeler has worked closely with the U of I-Chessie Creek Farm Tropical-Adapted Cattle Project to successfully develop a dairy breed that thrives in hot climates and produces 10 times more milk than indigenous tropical breeds. This is life altering and means that an African or Central American family with one of these cows will not only have enough milk to feed their own family but also some left to give to their neighbors.

Wheeler’s plan is to give away elite, tropically adapted cattle embryos to countries that desperately need but could never afford such a marvelous scientific achievement. This is part of the college’s commitment to help feed the world by 2050.

Doubling or tripling milk production in those countries with food shortages while making farms more productive without increased environmental impacts is one of the many reasons Illinois is known for leading the way in agricultural innovation.

This is an exciting project that covers a lot of bases, and it’s one more way Illinois innovation excels on a global stage. Read article here.

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