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The Beat Goes On in Galva with “Play It Forward” Campaign

By all measures, the Levitt AMP Galva Music Series was a huge success when it debuted in the summer of 2018. People of all ages flocked to Galva’s Wiley Park that summer and in 2019 to enjoy free live concerts featuring talented artists from across the country and even the globe.

Community support and fundraising had led to a brand-new permanent stage at Wiley Park. And then came 2020 and COVID-19. Sixty local acts were canceled causing organizers to regroup to support artists who were the first to lose income and will be the last to ramp back up after the pandemic passes.

“Play It Forward” was the result of a labor of love by John Taylor and Heartland Connections.

Taylor consulted with his network of full-time musicians to determine how best to support them during a time of great uncertainty. As a result of those conversations, “Play It Forward” was created to aid musicians whose livelihood was affected by COVID-19 and brought streaming concerts to the public who could donate to the artists.

Want to help? Read more here.

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